Our Coaches

The Pandas Volleyball Club has a team of coaches who mentor and support each other. They’ve “been there” as athletes and as coaches, and share these experiences amongst themselves to help their own learning and growth in their capacity as Pandas Volleyball Club coaches.

Our coaching team promotes the P.A.N.D.A. philosophy. Our perspective of complete athlete development (physical, mental and technical training) versus winning is what drives coaching plans. Our coaches set individual and team goals and provide individual and team feedback. Throughout each season, coaches communicate openly and honestly with their athletes.

A major challenge for our club is to create an environment for an athlete that is intensive in the absence of fear. We want our athletes to feel safe, supported, able to take risks and at the same time to be intense, purposeful and mindful of the implications of the choices (and errors) that they will make. We are proud to announce our coaching team - a team that will create this learning environment for our athletes.

2019 - 2020 Coaching Roster

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18U Head Coach

18U Assistant Coach

17U Head Coach

17U Assistant Coach

17U Assistant Coach

16U Head Coach

16U Assistant Coach

13U - 15U coaches announced soon.