Pandas Philosophy

Our Club Mission and Vision

The Pandas Volleyball Club has a mission to develop twelve to eighteen year-old female athletes to be future leaders in women’s volleyball. We envision each leader to be an athlete who excels at the USport level of volleyball.

While a high level of performance provincially and nationally is expected of our athletes, excellence is measured by our athletes’ long-term development rather than by their record of wins and losses.

What Makes a PANDA?







A Panda has pride in her role on the team

For a Panda, the team comes first. Doing everything that can be done to make the team successful gives each Panda great personal pride. Pandas have important roles to play during practices and on and off the bench at game time. A Panda is proud to play her role.


A Panda accepts that her team is made of diverse athletes

A Panda embraces the differences that fellow athletes bring to their team. As long as all athletes have the same goals for their team and the same drive to succeed, they are recognized as worthy Pandas. Pandas and coaches deal openly with differences of opinions and work to resolve them.


A Panda makes no excuses

A Panda takes full responsibility for her actions and her performance when her team falls short of their goals. She is accountable to herself and to her teammates in the pursuit of her team’s goals.


A Panda has the drive to succeed

A Panda gives 100% effort in practice and in games. A Panda strives for excellence. She is always looking to continually improve physically, mentally and technically. A Panda attends all practices and competitions.


A Panda demonstrates an ability to learn from and respect her mentors and peers

A Panda welcomes coaching advice and recognizes that change is part of growing as an athlete. She believes in open and honest communication. She respects the role of teammates, coaches and officials.

The P.A.N.D.A. philosophy will be nurtured through our relationship with Laurie Eisler, the University of Alberta Pandas Volleyball Team, and its coaches. The Pandas Volleyball Club’s young athletes will been given opportunities to experience and see the P.A.N.D.A. philosophy in action - through shared gym practice times with the UofA Pandas when possible, attendance as spectators at UofA Pandas matches, and by volunteering at UofA Pandas matches. It is expected that our Pandas Volleyball Club athletes give back to the volleyball community. We look forward to seeing the impact that our future leaders in women’s volleyball will make!