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2020 season pre-signed athletes


Abby Weiss - S

Presly Austin - S/OH

Jordan Mehling - L/DS

Carmen Patterson - MH

Ashley Lockwood - MH

Ella St.Martin - L/DS

Ashley Krause - OH

Raeanna Armbruster - OH

Nora Kotun - OH


Kayla Rogers - OH

Andi Krawec - OH

Arden Butler - OH

Brooke Malek - L

Emma Brooks - MH

Evelyn Kath - S

Faith Christensen - MH

Kinna Fisher - S

Lana Pralica - MH

Mary Thiessen - OH

Payton Shimoda - S

Sona Sajeev - OH


Allie Moore - MH

Bronwyn Ettinger - L

Brooke Crouch - S

Ellie Masters - S

Emma Morrison - MH

Gloria Wu - OH

Kristin Gilmour - OH

Laila Johnston - OH

Narelle Arnold - MH

Parker Knippel - OH

Taylor Wright - OH

Tori Clement - OH

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