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Naoki Miyashita - "MIYA"

Naoki Miyashita - “MIYA”, is a former Head Coach for the Team Canada Women. Miya is originally from Japan and studied at the University of Tokai where he earned a degree in Physical Education (1975-1979) as well as competing as a setter on the men’s team. Miya’s coaching career is extensive and he has coached at the highest levels professionally in Japan and with the Canadian National Women’s Team.

Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company (Japan)
1979-1986 Setter - Asahi Men’s Professional Volleyball team
1979-1986 Volleyball School Coach
1986-1988 Assistant Coach - Asahi Women’s Professional Volleyball team
1988-2000 Head Coach - Asahi Women’s Professional Volleyball team
1996-2001 Volleyball School Principal

Team Canada Volleyball (Canada)
2001-2005 Assistant Coach - Team Canada Women’s Volleyball
2006-2008 Head Coach - Team Canada Women’s Volleyball

University of Winnipeg (Canada)
2002-2005 Mentor Coach University of Winnipeg Women & Junior Wesmen Club
2009-2010 Assistant Coach

Takefuji Professional Volleyball Team (Japan)
2008-2009 Assistant Coach for the Takefuji Women’s Professional Volleyball Team
Pioneer Red Wings Professional Volleyball Team (Japan)
2010-2013 Head Coach for the Pioneer Red Wings Women’s Volleyball Team

University of Alberta Pandas (Canada)
2013-current Assistant Coach

bio from Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence site: http://www.vcce.ca/coaches.html