Our Alumni

At PANDAS Volleyball Club, development is our first priority. Our first class of Club Athletes graduated in 2012, when we proudly saw many of them go on to play post-secondary volleyball! 
The coaches that the PANDAS Club enlists, know that "winning" isn't the ultimate goal, but rather, that teaching our athletes to compete, to perform under pressure, and to have the skills and tools to play at the next level is. We are very proud of our Alumni Club Athletes, many of whom now play on post-secondary teams.

Graduating Class of 2018
(to be completed and confirmed)
Hope Kotun – University of Toronto
Kassandra Hordal – Acadia University
Kelsie Dukart – Grande Prairie Regional College
Lauryn Tremblay – University of Alberta
Lizzy Reimer – Thompson Rivers University
Madi Stevens – MacEwan University
Mikayla Benterud – Briercrest College
Natalie Bloeman – Red Deer College
Quinn Anderson – MacEwan University
Siobhan Toal – Thompson Rivers University 

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Graduating Class of 2017
Avery Theune – King’s University College
Emma Kieftenbeld – University of Alberta 
Jenae Eisler – University of Alberta 
Kacey Jost – Univeristy of British Columbia 
Kaitlyn Kuchinka – Memorial University 
Kayla Passmore – Vancouver Island University 
Kelly Heinemann – Red Deer College 
Laura Bodnarek – NAIT 
Mandy Behiels – NCAA 
Marina Culo – University of Calgary 
Myja Wildenhoff – University of Alberta 
Pamela Xu – King’s University College 
Sydney Austin – University of Calgary

Graduating Class of 2016
Amanda McDonald - Grant MacEwan
Brittney Davis - Red Deer College
Danielle Kath - King's University College
Erin Corbett - U of A
Kory White - U of A
Krystina Wanat - NAIT
Rachel Jorvina - CIS
Sara McCreary - UBCO
Vanessa Jarman - U of A

Graduating Class of 2015
Mary Pless - U of A
Hailey Cornelis - CIS
Haley Gilfillan - CIS
Lauren Holmes - CIS
Tami Alade - Stanford
Emily Day - Vancouver Island University
Lauren Smith - NAIT
Jordan Fillion - Kings
Morgan Rigelhof - Augustana
Kayla Whiteman Kyte - Concordia

Graduating Class of 2014
Jessica Hoskins - U of A
Alex Schwanke - CIS
Nalani Stang - NAIT
Alex Blanchette - NAIT
Joslyn Peters - NAIT
Tiffany Evans - NAIT
Jae-Lyn Visscher - Jacksonville State University (JSU) Beach Volleyball

Graduating Class of 2013
Eryn Orysiuk - U of A
Courtney Yoo - U of A
Heather Williams - U of A
Janna Ogle - U of C
Megan McCreary - U of C
Jasey Hook - CIS
Cassidy Kinsella - CIS
Annika Jarman - CIS
Michelle Bodnarek - CIS
Maegan Kuzyk - NAIT

Graduating Class of 2012
Meg Casault - U of A
Karly Janssen - U of A
Jessica Stroud - U of A
Robyn Potolicki - Mount Royal
Whitney Follette - Arizona State
Danielle Munsterman - CIS
Madison Lakey - CIS
Megan Ewasuk - CIS
Kelsey Tymkow - Red Deer