2015 - 2016 Season

2015 - 2016 Pandas 18U Team

Head Coach: Dusty Freimark; Assistant Coaches: Christine Smyth (nee Biggs), Megan McCreary, Annika Jarman,
Eryn Orysiuk (Varsity Panda) and Jessica Hoskins (Varsity Panda)

#2 - Dani Kath; #3 - Rachel Jorvina; #4 - Sara McCreary; #5 - Krystina Wanat; 
#6 - Kelly Heinemann;  #7 - Brittney Davis; #8 - Vanessa Jarman; #10 - Shelby Mellors; 
#11 - Sydney Austin; #12 - Amanda McDonald#14 - Kory White; #15  - Erin Corbett

2015 - 2016 Pandas 17U Team

Head Coach: Gavin Little; Assistant Coaches: Jen Telfer,
Kacey Otto (Varsity Panda) and Courtney Yoo (Varsity Panda)

#1 - Quinn Anderson; #2 - Mandy Behiels; #3 - Myja Wildenhoff; #4 - Kayla Passmore; 
#5 - Laura Bodnarek; #6 - Marina Culo; #7 - Kacey Jost; #8 - Kaitlyn Kuchinka; 
#9 - Pamela Xu; #10 - Jenae Eisler; #11 - Emma Kieftenbeld; #12 - Avery Theune

2015 - 2016 Pandas 16U Team

Head Coach: Tiffany Dodds-Little; Assistant Coaches: Tashie Macapagal and
Jessie Niles (Varsity Panda)

#1 - Siobhan Toal; #2 - Kassandra Hordal; #3 - Lizzy Reimer; #4 - Siarra Pless;
#5 - Natalie Bloemen; #6 - Hope Kotun; #7 - Sophie Jackson; #8 - Nicole Bourget;
#9 - Stella Rains; #10 - Mikayla Benterud; #11 - Lauryn Tremblay; #12 - Madi Stevens

2015 - 2016 Pandas 15U Team

Head Coach: Janelle Rozema; Assistant Coaches: Tegan McGraw and
Karly Janssen (Varsity Panda)

#1 - Stephanie Cheung; #2 - Delaney Patrick; #3 - Jaelle O'Gilvie; #4 - Ella MacKenzie;
#5 - Jayce Day; #6 - Presly Austin; #7 - Parker Austin; #8 - Tatiana Decore;
#9 - Grace Nanninga; #10 - Carmen Paterson; #11 - Nora Kotun; #12 - Haley Fedick

2015 - 2016 Pandas 14U Team

Head Coach: Larissa Cundy; Assistant Coaches: David Roper, Rachelle Fallis,
Mariah Walsh (Varsity Panda) and Erica Walsh (Varsity Panda)

#1 - Isabella Hjertaas; #2 - Raegan Tomlinson; #3 - Alexis Bernier; #4 - Alyshia Bryks; 
#6 - Ashley Krause; #7 - Madelaine Kim; #8 - Caitlin Huynh; #9 - Abby Weiss; 
#10 - Madison Mrazik; #11 - Makenzie Reeve; #12 - Jenna Allarie; #13 - Trinity Wagg

2015 - 2016 Pandas 13U Team Members

Lead/Head Coach: Meggie Moir; Head Coach: Mira van BurckAssistant Coaches: Erin Walsh, Alli Ritter and
Shauny Hogg (Varsity Panda)

Abigail Ingram; Alysha Melinda; Athena Xaysana; Avery Przyswitt; Brooke Malek; Brooke Muth; Cassidy Whiteman-Kyte;
Ella St. Martin; Ellie Masters; Elyse Pitman; Emily Gordon; Evelyn Kath; Isabella Smith; Jenna May; Jessica Zilinski; 
Justine May; Kinna Fisher; Lana Pralica; Lauren Fix; Makenna Hogg; Mary Thiessen; Page Bottorff; Payton Shimoda; Zahra Ladha

Congratulations Pandas!

June / July 2016

Junior National Team Program & Youth National Team Program 2016

Team Canada’s national junior and youth national women’s volleyball teams have been announced, and making the teams are a combined five athletes from the University of Alberta Pandas volleyball program and club. 

Canada’s national junior team will feature Pandas’ varsity recruit Kory White, who is one of five Alberta born athletes on the squad. The Canadian national junior team competed in the US High Performance Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from July 19-24, finishing with a 2-3 record, including wins over the US Youth National teams.  

The Canadian youth national team counts four members of the Pandas volleyball club on its roster as Kassy Hordal, Myja Wildenhoff, Parker Austin, and Stella Rains were all chosen to train with Canada’s national youth program in Vancouver. 

“We are especially proud of these accomplishments from all of our athletes.  While it is exciting to win medals at championships, our U18 team finished 3rd in the country, we really strive for athlete development,” said Pandas volleyball head coach Laurie Eisler. “I think these results indicate that great work is being done by our club coaches and athletes.” 

Adding to the Evergreen and Gold flavour throughout the national and provincial levels were 21 Pandas youth athletes names to the Alberta provincial teams. 12 of 24 players named to the U17 and U18 rosters are members of the Pandas club, while another nine athletes were named to the U16 squad. Not only was the youth club level well represented on those teams, but Pandas club and varsity coaches Christine Smyth (U17) and Janelle Rozema (U18) coached their respective teams, with the Alberta U17 team beating the U18 team in the provincial final. 

The provincial U16 team, which features current Panda Mariah Walsh as an assistant coach, finished third in their respective age group. 

Pandas Representing Alberta in Summer 2016
Congratulations to the following 24 Panda athletes selected to be part of Team AB:
18U - Vanessa Jarman, Erin Corbett, Danielle Kath, Sydney Austin, Rachel Jorvina, Kayla Passmore, Amanda McDonald, and Kaitlyn Kuchinka
17U - Myja Wildenhoff, Marina Culo, Jenae Eisler, Emma Kieftenbeld, and Kacey Jost
16U Blue - Parker Austin, Hope Kotun, Lauryn Tremblay, Stella Rains, Kassandra Hordal, and Sierra Pless
16U White Mikayla Bantered, Quinn Anderson, Jayce Day, Madi Stevens, and Siobhan Toal

Beach 2016 - Congratulations to Jayce Day and Grace Nanninga on their Silver Medal win at Volleyball AB's Junior High Provincials.

Edmonton Journal All-Stars - Congratulations to the following PANDAS U17/18 Athletes who were selected by Edmonton and area school coaches as 2016 Public/Metro High School Volleyball All-StarsAvery Theune, Emma Kieftenbeld, Kacey Jost, Sara McCreary, Brittney Davis and Erin Corbett on being recognized as Metro Athletic All-Stars!

18U Mikasa Female Athlete of the YearCongratulations to Sara McCreary who was named the 18U Female Athlete of the Year.

Celebration of a Successful Season
June 7, 2016

Congratulations Pandas!!!  Be sure to take the time to celebrate the many successes you've had over this past year.  Hard work doesn't go unnoticed! Celebrate... New Friendships, 8 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals and most of all the development of our skills. 

Be sure to thank your parents for all their support...

~Dr. Jarrod Spencer

Volleyball Canada Championships 2016

May 2016

18U Pandas - Div 1, Tier 1, 3rd. 18U All-Star Kory White.

17U Pandas - Div 1, Tier 1, 5th.

16U Pandas - Div 1, Tier 1, 4th. 16U All-Star Elizabeth Reimer.

15U Pandas - Div 1, Tier 2, 4th.

Provincial Championships 2016

May 2016

Our PANDAS teams have wrapped up their Provincial Season of competition. It's been an exciting Indoor Club Season filled with lots of volleyball learning: skills introduction, correction and refinement; game play strategies; teamwork; communication; and personal/team growth through losses and wins.

Our club is proud of each and every one of our athletes. Our coaches had high expectations and our athletes rose to the challenge. Here is a run-down of how our teams finished provincially, from our developmental PANDAS 13U and 14U Teams, to our competitive PANDAS 15U, 16U, 17U and 18U Teams …

PANDAS 13U - Division 1 Gold (Team Chikara), Silver (Team Gambatte) and 7th (Team Kaizen)

PANDAS 14U - Division 1 9th

PANDAS 15U - Division 1 12th 

PANDAS 16U - Division 1 6th

PANDAS 17U - Division 1 Silver with All-Star recognition to Marino Culo and Kacey Jost

PANDAS 18U - Division 1 Gold with All-Star recognition to Sara McCreary and Erin Corbett

Pandas U8 and U12 Programs

April  2016

Pandas Volleyball Club announced U8 and U12 Programs running from May - June 2016
  • learning the basic skills of volleyball
  • focusing on age appropriate 2 vs 2 and 4 vs 4 style of play
  • basic footwork and movement 
  • learning how to throw a ball; which translates later into proper arm action when attacking a volleyball

Pandas Summer Elite Training Camp Announced

April  2016

July 19 — August 4; Tuesdays and Thursdays 


Aug 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16

6:00—8:00 pm at Saville Community Sports Centre

"Coldest Night of the Year" Fundraising Walk

Feb  2016

The Pandas Volleyball Club participated in its fourth year of the Coldest Night of the Year fundraising walk on Saturday, February 21, 2016. The walk raises money for the hungry, homeless and hurting in 65 communities across Canada. This year our walkers raised $3,410.00 for Hope Mission (and $13,000 over 4 years). Thank you to participating athletes, coaches and our walk supporters!

Winner Will Weekend

Jan 25, 2016

Pandas Volleyball Club had an amazing weekend putting in the work and time to be the best person and volleyball athlete they can be.  A huge thank you to Gisele Krueger, Kacey Otto, Gbemisola Olutogun and Tessa Hill for their time, expertise and being incredible role models for our club.

Pandas Volleyball Club Trains with Kanoya Japan
Jan 5, 2016

What an Experience...Thank you to Laurie and the U of A Pandas for sharing this experience with the club!

Thank you to the U of A Pandas Volleyball Coaches and Athletes

Jan 2016

Pandas Night 2016 with the Pandas Team was great! Our Club athletes enjoyed spending time with their varsity athlete counterparts. Our Club is grateful to the Pandas organization for the mentorship role that they provide to our Club's athletes and coaches. We wish them continued success in their CIS season!

New Years Classic 2016 Club Tournament was a Success!

Jan 2016

Thank you to the girls' club volleyball teams who participated in the New Years Classic 2016 Club Tournament for 15U-18U age classes. What a great way to ring in the New Year. Fantastic job everyone!

$1100 Raised in Support of Jenn's Journey

Dec 2016

Thank you to ALL the athletes that came to our tryouts, we have now finished selecting our teams.  A HUGE thank you to everyone that donated to Jennifer Oakes Journey, together we raised $1100 which we will present to her at the 18U Premier 2 tournament.  

Thank you to all Athletes who Attended our Tryouts

Dec 2016

Although our Pandas Volleyball Club teams for the 2015-2016 season have been chosen, we are disappointed that we had to turn away athletes. We saw great potential in many of you who attended our tryouts. Don't forget to check out GO Sports volleyball training and league play at the Saville Centre, and local Skills Training for athletes. Best of luck to all athletes in your volleyball development journey.